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Adtran technology provides resilience against cyberattacks

HUNTSVILLE – Adtran is fighting back against commercial infrastructure cyberattacks, with the upgrading of its Oscilloquartz aPNT+ technology suite.

The upgrade brings new levels of resilience to critical network infrastructure that relies on position, navigation and timing (PNT) services, the Huntsville-based company said.

With the enhancements, the program provides the best available protection against Global Navigation Satellite System vulnerabilities and cyberattacks, Adtran said.

“From 5G connectivity to air traffic control, accurate and reliable PNT services are crucial for the safety, efficiency and optimal performance of a wide range of modern applications,” said Igal Pinhasov, VP of product line management at Oscilloquartz, Adtran. “That’s why the enhancements we’ve made to our aPNT+ platform are so significant.

“Our upgraded portfolio is a significant step up for critical network timing. It provides unparalleled precision and reliability even in the most challenging environments, including situations where GNSS is disrupted for extended periods.”

Click here to see a short video explaining PNT.

Adtran’s OSA 5401 and 5405 access network synchronization solutions feature the same advanced jamming and spoofing detection capabilities as its core and edge products.

“These include improved jamming and spoofing detection using a unique, highly advanced, dedicated algorithm to ensure maximum resilience against any intentional or unintentional interference,” Pinhasov said.

The system also supports the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System. This is critical for mobile network operators in the subcontinent, as the Indian government has ruled that smartphones must be compatible with the country’s home-grown GNSS system.

“Enhanced NTP functionality is another feature that makes our upgraded aPNT+ platform even more powerful,” said Gil Biran, general manager of Oscilloquartz, Adtran. “Our standalone NTP servers can now support up to 500,000 transactions per second, providing unique NTP performance.

“This level of transaction handling is a significant advantage against DDoS attacks.”

He said the core and edge grandmaster clocks are more resilient than ever.

“With our multi-source ePRTC combiner, they can leverage up to five independent timing sources, which can include up to three high-performance optical cesium atomic clocks, to create a single super-resilient and highly reliable clock source,” Biran said. “Customers can select from GNSS constellations, PTP inputs, and alternative PNT sources such as STL, which uses low Earth orbit satellites, or the terrestrial-based eLORAN.

“Both offer extra protection against jamming and spoofing attacks while extending the 100nsec holdover period.”

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