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Adtran’s new broadband series works for home and business

HUNTSVILLE – Most internet service providers are experiencing a high demand for high-capacity Ethernet connectivity driven by remote work, gamers and cloud-based applications. However, many of them are facing challenges getting multigigabit broadband to their customers.

Adtran is helping to meet that challenge head-on with its new generation SDX 630 Series 10G symmetric XGS-PON optical network terminals.

The SDX 630 Series is designed for ISPs to address the demands of residential and business customers in the multigigabit era, and to provide a green and cost-effective route to 10G service delivery for ISPs ready to support evolving Wi-Fi technology, according to the company.

With speeds up to 10 gigabits, the SDX 630 Series meets needs from streaming high-quality videos on multiple devices to running data-intensive cloud applications.

Even low-power devices are easy to deploy, and they feature zero-touch service provisioning capabilities.

“In today’s digital age, households and enterprises require high-capacity broadband with unparalleled quality to stay connected and productive,” said Robert Conger, senior vice president of Technology and Strategy at Adtran. “That’s why we’ve engineered our new generation of XGS-PON ONTs to simultaneously meet all the needs of remote work, gamers and cloud-based applications.

“Our SDX 630 Series enables service providers to succeed in the multigigabit era by harnessing the benefits of high-speed fiber optic transmission and the flexibility offered by our full portfolio of customer premises equipment.”

He said Adtran’s ONTs are designed to remain at the premises for the long term, meeting the requirements of ever-advancing Wi-Fi residential gateways for years to come.

“Maintenance-free and with a compact, modern design, they discretely blend into a range of environments,” Conger said.

The SDX 630 Series of ONTs addresses today’s key challenges around delivering cost-efficient, converged residential and business services.

Part of the Adtran ecosystem of open-API access products, they are easily integrated into existing network infrastructure and SDN-based management systems.

“Meeting today’s soaring bandwidth demands takes more than just great technology. It takes a company that’s committed to building environmentally responsible solutions,” said Eric Presworsky, general manager of residential solutions at Adtran. “Our SDX 630 Series is a distillation of everything we’ve learned over the past decade. It features recyclable enclosures, cloud-hosted documentation and optimized packaging, all designed to put sustainability first.

“We’ve worked closely with service providers to address some of their key concerns when it comes to building networks in a cost-effective and sustainable way; for example, just take a look at the low-power capabilities of our SDX 630 Series. It’s compliant with Energy Efficient Ethernet and European Union COC v8.

“We’re confident that it’s going to help service providers in a big way.”

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