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Adtran’s next-gen fiber access platform quickens broadband rollouts

HUNTSVILLE – While efforts to link the entire world with reliable high speed internet is at full tilt, broadband service providers need modern, open architectures to rapidly deploy and scale multigigabit-capable fiber networks.

To directly address that need, Adtran, a Huntsville-based provider of next-generation multi-gigabit fiber solutions has launched its next generation open and disaggregated networking solution.

“Service providers face a tough environment as they strive to keep up with growing subscriber needs, expand coverage and meet green targets,” said Robert Conger, senior vice president of Technology and Strategy at Adtran. “With households and businesses accessing more and more data-hungry applications, operators need strategies in place to handle the surge in a cost-effective and sustainable way.”

The SDX 6330 10Gbit/s Combo PON fiber access platform capabilities address time-to-market and cost challenges while providing market-leading architecture for ISPs to connect homes and businesses rapidly and cost-effectively using fiber-based broadband.

Adtran said its SDX 6330 will empower operators to accelerate fiber rollout and easily scale their networks to support dense urban, suburban, and rural deployments.

“This challenge is precisely what our third-generation fiber access platform aims to address,” Conger said. “Our SDX 6330 offers the network simplicity, sustainability and scalability needed to power the Gigabit Society.

“That’s what makes it a compelling alternative to chassis-based architectures. It’s the solution many operators are searching for as they look to expand their market share while improving customer experience.”

With enhanced energy efficiency, the highly compact, temperature-hardened fiber access platform will be important to meeting sustainability targets and addressing market demands for both retail and wholesale providers.

With 48 ports of Combo PON in a compact and power-efficient design, it sets a benchmark for lowering the total cost of deployment for 10Gbit/s services.

Designed to deliver network simplicity and sustainability at scale, SDX 6330 offers deployment versatility and improved reach. Featuring open interfaces, it provides freedom to build best-in-class infrastructure with technology from multiple vendors, and its versatile architecture supports a wide range of network topologies and coherent optics.

The SDX 6330 also helps meet corporate sustainability objectives by reducing power demand and landfill requirements.

“Our SDX 6330 is the most advanced fiber access platform in the industry, and the impact it’s about to have will be significant,” said Ronan Kelly, CTO for EMEA and APAC at Adtran. “By empowering service providers to reduce both the time and cost of getting people connected, we’re going to see broadband coverage increase like never before.

“As pioneers in open and disaggregated fiber access innovation, we’ve consistently pushed boundaries, beginning with our industry-first deployments dating back to 2017.

“Now with our third-generation device, we’re taking density and scalability to new heights.”

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