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Aerobotix/FerRobotics exhibit Active Taping Kit tool

HUNTSVILLE – Huntsville-based Aerobotix and its Austrian partner, FerRobotics, will exhibit their Active Taping Kit tool at Automate 2023 in Detroit next week.

It will be the first public demonstration of the ATK in North America.

Aerobotix and FerRobotics said they partnered on the ATK in response to aerospace industry demand for an automated tool for precision application of masking tape. Collaboration between engineers from the two companies led to the development of a revolutionary End of Arm Tooling after months of prototypes and testing.

The Active Compliant Technology enables a robot to use varying force when applying tape to an aircraft, according to a news release. The ATK allows for smooth masking on parts varying in shape, putting down perfectly straight tape lines where the customer needs them.

“Customer demand for masking-tape automation was always there, but until now, the technology wasn’t,” said Kent Pfeifer, Aerobotix lead process engineer. “The ATK solution we’ve developed with FerRobotics has the smarts and sensitivity to apply tape repeatedly every time.”

The ATK features precision control of all individual process parameters – contact force, cutting, and tape consumption. The tool is highly durable and designed to apply various kinds of tapes on any part or surface with exact repeatability without bubbles or wrinkles.

In November, the ATK was honored as one of five projects to be nominated for the Econovius, a special prize under the Austrian National Innovation Award.

They were selected from more than 400 entries.

The Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy presents the ANI Award annually to encourage companies to develop innovative products that contribute to the country’s economic growth.

Watch the ATK tool in use below:

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