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Aerobotix partners with FerRobotics to develop safer robotic sander

HUNTSVILLE – Aerobotix and FerRobotics have created an automated sander for robotic arms. The “end of arm tool” lessens worker involvement in hazardous tasks, according to a news release.

Huntsville-based Aerobotix and FerRobotics of Austria are robotics companies that partnered on the sander which also reduces worksite fires from combustible dust hazards, the release said.

“Aerobotix remains committed to improving safety in the aerospace and defense industries,” said Josh Tuttle, business development manager at Aerobotix. “As such, we’re proud to partner with FerRobotics on this important tool to help save lives and reduce lung disease in the workplace.

“The robotic orbital sander eliminates the need for human involvement in the sanding process and limits exposure to the hazardous substances created from sanding.”

Many jobs in the aerospace and defense industries involve combustible, dangerous dust created by sanding. The automated sander, with integral dust collection, virtually eliminates the risk of occupationally acquired respiratory infections.

“Because combustible dusts have resulted in injuries, as they can be easily ignited by a spark, it’s been an area of huge concern in industrial, construction and fabrication workplaces,” said Ronald Naderer, FerRobotics founder and CEO. “Now, with this specially developed orbital sander, we finally have the right equipment to keep humans safely away from these hazardous environments while enabling teams to also avoid monotonous and time-consuming tasks.

“It is a revolution in the force-controlled tooling market. It is the world’s first AI-conditioned, active force-compliant tool – a true game changer that enables customers to implement state-of-the-art guaranteed plug-and-play processes.”

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