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Alabama A&M athletics launches NIL partnerships

HUNTSVILLE — Stepping off the sidelines and getting into the game, Alabama A&M is kicking off a partnership for NIL opportunities.

According to a news release from the Department of Athletics, INFLCR Local Exchange and INFLUXER will complement A&M’s NIL program initiatives with resources in assisting Bulldog student-athletes in leveraging their Name, Image, and Likeness.

“Alabama A&M Athletics is thrilled to embark on a pioneering journey with INFLCR and INFLUXER NIL Platforms,” said Director of Athletics Dr. Paul A. Bryant. “This strategic partnership underscores our commitment to empowering our student-athletes with unprecedented NIL opportunities.

“By joining forces with INFLCR and INFLUXER, we’re not just embracing the future of collegiate athletics; we’re ensuring our athletes have the tools and resources they need to thrive both on and off the field. Together, we’re not just shaping the game; we’re shaping futures.”

A free service for student-athletes and businesses, a business can register on these platforms and have access to a searchable database of student-athletes with the ability to filter that database through a variety of criteria the department said in a news release. Each business that is compliant with Alabama A&M’s Athletics NIL guidelines can message the student-athlete directly in the application or request contact information to begin discussions about any potential NIL transaction.

By adding these resources, student-athletes will be able to create business connections, streamline payments and reporting processes, consolidate tax information and create appropriate separation between the university and each student-athlete’s pursuit of NIL opportunities, A&M said. The services are provided within the INFLCR and INFLUXER apps.

In addition, A&M said it will provide student-athletes with education on NIL issues, while also tracking social media engagement and growth.

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