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An ode to Alabama Christmas

An ode to Alabama Christmas

Welcome to Alabama Christmastime
where the stars fell and continue to shine.
James Spann is calling for a high of sixty-two;
Only a tall glass of Milo’s will do.

All gathered up to play football in the yard
as the Bama fan tackles way too hard.
We’ve got fried turkeys and sweet potato pies,
and giblets hidden under a gravy disguise.

Ah, Christmas in the South is such a delight;
toasty toes and not one snowflake in sight.
Be sure to tell your neighbors from the North,
down here we quite prefer it in the warmth.

Because the road to Grandma’s house is clear,
There’s no blizzards a’ coming for us to fear.
Hmmm, maybe you don’t like it in these parts?
Well all I can say is … bless your heart.

– Mecca Musick

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