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Arcarithm spin-off expands gun and drone detection for commercial customers

HUNTSVILLE – Arcarithm, a Huntsville-based intelligence defense contractor, has formed a subsidiary to leverage its advanced artificial intelligence technology.

The new company, Exigent, will focus on commercial applications of the company’s AI-based detection products for guns, drones and other threats, according to Arcarithm.

In establishing Exigent, Arcarithm President and CEO Randy Riley said the technology provides the ability to detect and identify the threats, and automatically alert commercial users.

“Today’s world is consumed with digital images, but prior to our technology the ability to detect and identity those images quickly and efficiently for security response was limited,” said Riley. “The AI-based computer vision capability we built for the military has tremendous potential to save lives and property.”

As a separate company, Exigent can expand the benefits of Arcarithm’s AI capabilities. Besides computer vision technology, the new company will incorporate advanced expertise in deep learning and big data analysis as well.

“One of the big problems with computer vision detection is false positives, which require a human in the loop to verify if a threat is valid prior to sending an alert,” said Riley. “The Arcarithm and Exigent advanced technology solves that problem and allows autonomous real-time response.”

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