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Artist Daniel Moore confirms ‘Fourth-and-31’ is coming

BIRMINGHAM – Daniel Moore, renowned for his paintings of iconic sports moments, has confirmed he is working on a piece depicting last Saturday’s defining Iron Bowl play, the “Fourth-and-31.”  

“Yes, I’m starting on it,” said Moore. “I’ve just started researching images and possibilities.  

“And at this point, the subtitle is gonna be ‘The Grave Digger,’ because that’s the name of the play that was called.” 

With 43 seconds left in the game, the 88th Iron Bowl saw Alabama trailing Auburn 24-20. On fourth down and goal from the 31-yard-line, Alabama quarterback Jalen Milroe launched the perfect pass to receiver Isaiah Bond in the corner of the end zone.  The Tide took home the victory 27-24.  

Within seconds of the game ending, social media exploded with elation from Crimson Tide fans and calls for Moore to “get his paint brushes ready.”

Moore said he is honored to be part of the culture and celebration of Alabama football.

“Well I love football,” said Moore. “And you know, I’m very, very humble about it. I’m very thankful for it. And I know I’m blessed because I’m doing what, what I love to do.” 

The Drive, Daniel Moore (Contributed)

Moore has completed 155 artworks that have been made available to the public including paintings for the NFL, MLB, NBA, pro soccer, and even postage stamps. 

Of course he is most known for his University of Alabama artwork, completing 93 paintings featuring the Crimson Tide. Moore’s best selling print is the “The Tradition Continues,” featuring the 1992 National Championship.  

Moore majored in graphic design at the University of Alabama before becoming a staff artist for Alabama Power.  

“In 1979, that’s when Alabama beat Penn State for the national championship in the Sugar Bowl and there was a famous play, the Goal-line Stand that was on the cover of Sports Illustrated,” said Moore. “My friend told me I should make a painting of the play.”

At first, Moore said he thought he was too busy.

“I’m up to my nose in stuff and I just barely have time to turn around. I said I’ll think about it, pray about it,” he said.

Luckily for fans of both sports and art, Moore made the decision to complete the painting along with a limited edition print.  

“I did and was able to sell the original painting for $10,000, which was a big thing for me. And that was the seed money that started New Life Art Incorporated.” 

The Runback, Daniel Moore (Contributed)

The rest, as they say, is history, although Moore attributes his success to more than the required creativity.  

“I realize I’ve got a gift of art and creativity,” he said. “But I think it’s maybe 10% that and 90% patience and stick-to-itiveness.”

As far as the upcoming “Fourth and 31,” Moore said the work has already begun.  

“What I’m doing right now is researching and coming up with concepts,” he said. “And then I develop a working drawing, a preliminary drawing of it.”

While some paintings can take three to six months to complete and be ready for printing, Moore believes “Fourth and 31” could be coming sooner.  

“My best guess would be maybe two months,” he said.

It’s a pretty easy guess who Moore will be cheering for in this weekend’s upcoming SEC Championship game between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Alabama Crimson Tide.

“Alabama,” he chuckled. “Yeah, that’s my school.”

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