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Bailor launching Vistage leadership chapter

HUNTSVILLE – Sonya Bailor, CEO of Huntsville’s Bailor Group and a recent graduate from the Vistage Chair Academy, is launching a Vistage leadership chapter to serve North Alabama.

Vistage Chairs have led companies and now would like to help other leaders realize their dreams.

“As a Vistage Chair, I am committed to guiding and inspiring members to grow their businesses, make better decisions, and achieve their full potential within a strong, trusting community,” said Bailor. “Building this chapter in Huntsville represents an incredible opportunity to transform the North Alabama business landscape, and I am thrilled to be part of this journey.”

Vistage Worldwide is a CEO coaching and peer advisory organization. As a Vistage Chair, Bailor will be responsible for monthly peer advisory group meetings, providing one-on-one CEO and executive coaching, and connecting members with Vistage’s more than 23,000 business leaders.

“I am delighted to have Sonya Bailor of Huntsville as a part of our Vistage Chair team,” said Tim Gray, senior vice president of Vistage Worldwide. “We sought out Sonya Bailor to lead a Vistage Chair practice because of her strong values, commitment to servant-leadership, and impressive background.

“After getting to know her through our rigorous interview and vetting process, we became even more confident that she was the right person to lead a Vistage practice.”

If interested in joining, click here.

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