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Baron Weather partners with Weather 20/20

HUNTSVILLE — Baron Weather has partnered with Weather 20/20, a developer of a proprietary statistical methodology that provides global long-range forecast guidance to deliver both short-term identification and long-range planning for weather risks.

The partnership will support Baron’s business clients by adding ultra-long-range weather data and insights for decision-makers within insurance, telecommunications, public safety, and a wealth of other industries.

Additionally, Weather 20/20 will offer a selection of Baron’s exclusive near-term weather detection products and forecasts to their customer base.

“Weather 20/20 has a successful track record for providing long-range guidance with respect to the geographic region and timing of significant weather risks,” said Baron Weather CEO and President Bob Dreisewerd. “Our business clients have a need for guidance beyond the typical 7-14 day forecast period and will find the forecast insights by Weather 20/20 very valuable in terms of long-range planning, risk mitigation, and decision support.”

Fall 2021, Weather 20/20 accurately predicted the formation of a tropical storm between Fort Myers and Tampa. In September 2022, 10 months later, this tropical storm ultimately became Hurricane Ian.

Baron’s near-term high-resolution tropical model provided guidance that predicted landfall within 28 miles and within six hours for each forecast update 80 hours before landfall.

Ten months before Hurricane Ian formed, Weather 20/20 identified the system of what would become a Category 4 storm. Baron Weather’s model was on target as meteorologists tracked the incoming Hurricane Ian.

Combining long- and short-term weather tracking can save property and lives.

The ability to identify significant weather events and trends and those geographic areas susceptible to significant weather events means that the combined data from Baron and Weather 20/20 delivers both long-term and short-term benefits for risk mitigation and planning.

The applications are numerous across a wide array of industries.

The Weather 20/20 patent-pending method, known as the Lezak Recurring Cycle, asserts that every year in autumn, a unique weather pattern sets up and begins to cycle; the key is in recognizing the subtle differences.

The LRC model then provides global forecast guidance out to one year.

“Applying the forecast data from this global methodology, businesses are now saving millions, by applying it to their analytical needs,” said Gary Lezak, founder and CEO of Weather 20/20. “Partnering with Baron Weather allows our joint effort to instantly become an end-to-end solution for any weather-sensitive business, to provide a market differentiator with weather prediction technology.”

Aligning key capabilities like the Weather 20/20 tropical predictions and Baron’s exclusive high-resolution tropical model delivers a powerful combination of long- and short-term planning and decision-support guidance for months to weeks in advance.

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