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Breathe and Brew: Treat your allergies while treating yourself

FLORENCE – How about an espresso shot to go with that allergy shot?

The healthcare landscape in Florence is about to experience a breath of fresh air, as Breathe and Brew, a groundbreaking sinus and allergy clinic, introduces a unique concept that provides expert medical care with the comfort of a coffee shop. It is scheduled to open in January at 210 Seville Street.

By merging healthcare and a coffee shop, Breathe and Brew aims to change the way people perceive medical appointments. A new branch of ENT Center of Northwest Alabama, Breathe and Brew seeks to become the go-to destination for comprehensive sinus and allergy care in Florence, serving as a hub of health and relaxation for the Shoals community, Brand Manager Abbey Dewberry said.

Dewberry said ENT Center owner Caleb Masterson anticipates the new concept will be inviting and stress-free.

“Sitting in a physician’s waiting room can be uncomfortable and stressful,” Dewberry said. “We hope Breathe and Brew will make the waiting room less cold and sterile and more welcoming and relaxing for our patients.”

Expert care

In addition to the relaxed atmosphere of the coffee shop, Breathe and Brew aims to revolutionize the way patients experience sinus and allergy treatment, offering patient-centered care, personalized treatment plans, an expert medical team, and state-of-the-art facilities. 

Breathe and Brew will be more than a clinic; it will be a place of hope and healing for those affected by sinus and allergy issues, Dewberry said.

Key features include:

  • Comprehensive sinus and allergy care –  Breathe and Brew will bring together a team of experienced specialists dedicated to diagnosing and treating a wide range of sinus and allergy conditions, from seasonal allergies to chronic sinusitis.
  • Cutting-edge treatments – The clinic will offer the latest advancements in sinus and allergy testing and treatment, including personalized treatment plans to address patients’ unique needs.
  • Educational workshops – Breathe and Brew will also host regular workshops and seminars on allergy wellness management and nutrition to empower patients.

Community space

Beyond sinus and allergy care, Breathe and Brew aims to provide a sense of community by offering a comfortable space for individuals to connect, relax, and support each other on their wellness journeys.

The coffee shop will offer premium brews, teas, and a selection of allergy-friendly snacks. Patients and visitors alike can unwind in a cozy environment.

Relief for a new year

Masterson expressed his enthusiasm for the clinic opening and the comfort the new concept will bring. 

“Our vision for Breathe and Brew is to create a place where people feel like they truly belong and have access to lasting relief,” he said. “Our second Shoals location will serve as a North Star in our mission of rewriting the narrative of Sinus and Allergy disease.”

Breathe and Brew invites the Shoals community to experience healthcare in a whole new light. Whether you’re seeking relief from sinus and allergies, or simply wish to savor a comforting cup of coffee, Breathe and Brew will be ready to open its doors to you.

Location: 210 Seville Street in Florence

Website: www.breatheandbrew.co

Instagram: @breatheandbrew

Facebook: breatheandbrew

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