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Bridgestone, Teledyne developing lunar tires for NASA LTV

HUNTSVILLE When the astronauts are wheeling around the moon, it will be on Bridgestone tires.

The tire manufacturer recently signed an agreement with Teledyne Brown to provide tires for NASA’s lunar terrain vehicle. Bridgestone’s 90-year history in tire development is expected to bring a unique perspective to NASA’s mission.

In 2019, Bridgestone embarked on a challenge to research tires for the lunar vehicles. To ensure tire function and safety under conditions such as the rocky and sandy lunar surface, as well as exposure to extreme temperatures and cosmic ray radiation, the company is developing metal airless tire concepts.

“This partnership helps further solidify the strength of our team and the durable vehicle that will be a product of its collaboration,” said Scott Hall, president of Teledyne’s Engineered Systems Segment. “The experience and reputation of Bridgestone is unparalleled and a tremendous asset for our vehicle in its journey to and on the moon’s surface.”

To deliver the needed technology, Teledyne has built a team that includes Bridgestone, Nissan North America, Sierra Space, and Textron.

Bridgestone is leveraging its “mastering road contact” technology acquired from experiences on roads around the world.

“This project is a bold new challenge for humanity, and we are honored to be joining the Teledyne Team,” said Makoto Ishiyama, executive director, Next Generation Technology Development at Bridgestone. “This project will help us fulfill the ‘Extension: Committed to nonstop mobility and innovation that keeps people and the world moving ahead’ stated in our corporate Bridgestone E8 Commitment.

“Through co-creation with new partners, the Bridgestone Group is dedicated to realizing the dream of humankind with mobility innovation.”

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