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Clift Farm Publix annexation said ‘win-win’ for Madison

MADISON — A potential retail annexation would be a “win-win” for the city of Madison, according to officials.

At Monday’s City Council meeting, a proposal to annex the Publix supermarket in Clift Farm into the city will be heard. The proposal will then likely be voted on next month by the council.

Clift Farm is a Southern -style, mixed-use community on U.S. 72 on the western edge of Madison County.

The annexation would be two-fold for Madison – it would bring in needed revenue to the city as a replacement for a Publix on U.S. 72 near Hughes Road that closed in 2020; and it would help complete the long-awaited Town Madison interchange on I-565.

“The ad valorum and sales tax revenue the Publix would bring to Madison would subsidize the Town Madison revenue, allowing us to accept a bid to finalize the full I-565/Town Madison interchange,” said Mayor Paul Finley.

The interchange would allow westbound traffic to exit from Toyota Field and Town Madison and provide a westbound on-ramp, as well.

Joey Ceci, president of Breland Cos., the developer of Town Madison and Clift Farm, said it’s a win-win situation for everybody.

“It’s something for everyone because a bigger and better Publix returns to Madison.”

This week, the council had a special work session to discuss five items – a proposed letter agreement to resolve infrastructure in Town Madison; proposed funding agreement for the Town Madison district; potential annexation of the Clift Farm Publix; discussion of outstanding bid for infrastructure of Town Madison; and consideration of a resolution to approve agreement.

Finley also there are not any plans for the city to annex other property in Clift Farm, which is currently in Madison County.

“If we annex Publix into the City of Madison it would be that one store only,” he said. “We would not bring in, and do not plan to bring in, and other property from Clift Farm.”

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