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Construction set to begin on Huntsville’s Hays Farm Central Park

HUNTSVILLE — Billed as an alternative to downtown, the city of Huntsville is building an urban park in south Huntsville.

At its regular city council meeting Thursday, the city approved a $7.1 million construction contract with Bailey-Harris Construction Co. to build the nine-acre urban park in the Hays Farm development.

Hays Farm Central Park will feature a gazebo, windmill, lagoon and waterfall, pavilion and restrooms. There will be a fitness court in conjunction with Arts Huntsville, walking paths and connectivity to the city’s greenway network along with parking and LED lighting.

Construction is expected to take about 14 months with the park set to open in fall 2025.

“It is exciting to see this project come to fruition,” said Councilmember Jennie Robinson, whose south Huntsville district includes Hays Farm. “This park is destined to become a favorite destination as a central gathering place for south Huntsville residents.”

Hays Farm Central Park


Hays Farm Park is on the west side of Haysland Road across from Grissom High School. It will also be accessible by pedestrians through a tunnel from the eastern side of the road, where the Hays Farm Sports Park is finishing completion.

The sports park features two regulation-size, multipurpose fields suitable for soccer, lacrosse and other activities. The lighted turf fields are supported by a restroom pavilion, 120 lighted parking spaces, perimeter fencing, landscaping and irrigation.

rendering of the layout of two multipurpose fields
Hays Farm Sports Park

“These parks are all about value-added benefits to the citizens of Huntsville,” said Parks & Recreation Director James Gossett. “Hays Farm Park will have a similar look and feel as Big Spring Park with its lagoon, wide sidewalks and water feature.

“It will be a place people will want to go and be outdoors and not feel like they have to travel downtown.”

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