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Curtain rising on Leading Lady Business Conference: Workshops, networking, empowerment

HUNTSVILLE – Women have multiple roles to play in the corporate world and the eighth annual Leading Ladies Business Conference addresses the tracks women take to small-business ownership.

Presented by the Catalyst Center for Business & Entrepreneurship, the Aug. 18-19 conference at the Westin Huntsville will feature workshops, networking opportunities and empowerment speakers and seminars.

Dr. Kuan Collins, Innovation Factory director at SAIC’s Huntsville office, is the keynote speaker. She leads SAIC’s digital transformation, innovation, investments, and solutions for the defense and civilian sector. She is a Leading Lady in artificial intelligence, blockchain, augmented analytics, harnessing innovation, collaboration, creativity, scouting, strategy, and mentoring.

Sonya Bailor, CEO and growth strategist for the Bailor Group, opens the event with a discussion on business scalability. She is an entrepreneur, speaker, philanthropist, and growth strategist.

An expert business coach at the Catalyst Center, Bailor offers pro bono coaching hours to their established business clients as part of her company’s give-back mission.

Other features include “In the Theatre” in which women-owned small businesses, economically disadvantaged women-owned small business, and women veteran businesses can learn government contracting.

Topics include filling government contracting pipeline; creating proposals that win government contracts; understanding accounting system requirements; and tips from prime contractors and government agencies.

On stage in the leading role is workforce development and the great resignation. Learn goal-setting and to celebrate wins; implement a diversity, equity, and inclusion plan; uncover the benefits of mentoring; and understanding business scalability.

Off stage is the “Fourth Wall of Business,” featuring discussions ont tough conversations, finding balance in your work and personal life, dealing with surface pressure and emotional intelligence, and brand-building.

Registration closes noon Aug. 16. You may register by clicking here.

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