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Deep Target service addresses customer retention/loyalty

HUNTSVILLE – DeepTarget announced the availability of its Member Appreciation and Recognition Service. DeepTarget is a transformational financial services company based in Huntsville.

The full-service MARS offering combines skilled marketing experts, success consultants, best practices and DeepTarget’s patented technology, according to a news release. These services address the factors that impact member retention and loyalty, especially in the current environment where multiple financial institutions are vying for the same individuals’ attention.

According to DeepTarget statistics, it costs five times as much to attract a member than it does to retain them. That is a driving force behind financial institutions allocating time, energy and budgets to nurturing member relationships and building consumer loyalty, the company said.

“The digital banking revolution means banking is less personal and credit unions must find ways to humanize their digital interactions with members,” said CEO Preetha Pulusani. “Authentically recognizing personal milestones of individuals and showing appreciation for their membership cannot be an afterthought. Yet, how to accomplish this at scale can be challenging for those CUs facing shortages of expertise or time.

“With the MARS service, DeepTarget takes on the entire workload for credit unions using data/AI insights to engage members meaningfully, thereby building an emotional connect, developing member loyalty and helping grow the credit union.”

Personalized, authentic member recognition via MARS is focused on captivating digital communications that surpasses any member recognition programs available in the industry.

For example, by leveraging data for personalization, video, audio, HTML and use-specific microsites to wish an individual well wishes on their birthday or acknowledge a member’s anniversary is an example of how an emotional connection can be developed, in addition to offering member appreciation and engagement benefits.

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