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Discovery partnership to accelerate cancer research

HUNTSVILLE — Discovery Life Sciences’ work in immune oncology is getting a boost after qualifying as an Akoya Biosciences global service provider.

The qualification process evaluated Discovery’s proficiency in staining, imaging, and analysis, allowing the company to deliver comprehensive spatial imaging services to researchers across discovery, translational, and clinical research.

“Being qualified as a global service provider of Akoya is a significant milestone for Discovery,” said Christiaan Neeleman, head of Global Tissue Biomarker Services at Discovery. “We are excited to leverage this technology to deliver better insights into the tumor microenvironment for our biopharma clients.

“With Akoya’s reliable multiplex technology, we can perform faster and higher quality analysis on a single tissue slide, helping us better understand complex disease mechanisms so our clients can develop more effective treatments.”

As a partner, Huntsville’s biospecimen and biomarker specialists gains access to Akoya’s PhenoImager HT workflows, which can provide insights into the tumor microenvironment. The spatial imaging technologies allow Discovery to better serve its clients in immuno-oncology by dissecting the delicate and complex biological interactions between  cell types.

The company’s program draws on decades of expertise in histopathology as well as experience in virtual microscopy powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Akoya’s spatial imaging technologies enhance Discovery’s capabilities, offering the highest quality multiplex IF stains with superior imaging while fully customizable according to client needs.

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