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Drake State creates police department, seeks chief

HUNTSVILLE – Drake State Community & Technical College will soon conduct
interviews for a police chief after creating a campus police department.

“Our college is dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment for its campus
community,” said Drake State President Dr. Patricia Sims. “With this in mind, we are seeking to hire the best qualified and trained officers to achieve this goal.”

Police officer candidates will undergo an intensive background check, including a review of
prior employment records, polygraph examination, and psychological evaluation, the school said.

Campus police will provide more protection and increase confidence for students, faculty, and staff to safely go home at the end of the day, said Mark Bailey, Chief Safety and Security Officer at Alabama Community College System.

“While Drake State has a few reported crimes on its campus, a strong officer presence will
hinder anyone considering committing a crime,” said Bailey. “Campus Police Officers have full powers of arrest and will be responsible for conducting complex misdemeanor and felony investigations on campus property.”

The Alabama Community College System provides funding to assist with the initial setup cost for establishing the department. During the past two years, the Alabama Community College System has launched seven departments on its campuses in the past two years.

Gadsden State, Snead State, and Chattahoochee Valley Community Colleges are in
the process of selecting police chiefs. During the last two years, Trenholm State, Reid State, and Lurleen B. Wallace Community Colleges have established police departments  that are now fully functional.

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