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EFI Automotive making $6M investment in Elkmont

ELKMONT — In a show of confidence for Limestone County and the town of Elkmont, EFI Automotive is making a $6 million investment to its North American headquarters here.

EFI Automotive specializes in the design and manufacturing of sensors, activators, and actuators, to improve powertrain and transmission efficiency.

“EFI has been and continues to be an outstanding corporate partner and the Town of Elkmont is honored to have the opportunity to play a small role in this announcement,” Elkmont Mayor Tracy Compton said. “I want to thank the leadership and all employees of EFI Automotive for being a part of our community.”

The investment will create two production lines and will produce 6 million sensors annually for Ford trucks, according to EFI Finance Manager François Lefebvre,

One line will produce transmission range sensors for the Ford F-Series and the other will produce engine sensors for the Super Duty and the E-Series which will result in approximately $30 million in annual revenue for the facility.

Lefebvre said the investment includes laser welding machines, manufacturing presses, more than 12 different injection molds, swagging machines, magnetization stations, and end of line testing equipment.

Along with the capital investment, there will be 35 jobs created over the next three years which include maintenance, quality, logistic technicians, and operators, he said.

Lefebvre credited the need for the investment due to the sharp increase in volume of sensors. The start of production is planned to be by the end of the year and slowly ramping up into 2024.

The Elkmont Town Council approved a tax abatement of non-education taxes for sales and use taxes during construction and property taxes. During construction, EFI will save approximately $192,500 and the schools will receive $55,000. The property tax abatement will save EFI $251,750 and the schools will receive $121,212 over a 10-year period.

Lefebvre said the abatement will help EFI secure its cash position to remain an active employer in Limestone County.

“EFI Automotive has been in operation in Elkmont since 2004,” said Bethany Shockney, Limestone County Economic Development Association president & CEO said. “This investment shows their confidence and commitment to our county.”

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