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Florence band Speckled Bird sets flight for South By Southwest

Lauderdale County native Jason Isbell sang “I’m still singing like that Great Speckled Bird” on his chart-topping 2017 release The Nashville Sound. Isbell was referencing the 1930s hymn “The Great Speckled Bird” made famous by Roy Acuff. Fellow Lauderdale County residents Adam Morrow, Jamie Sego, Ben Tanner, Parker McAnnally and Reed Watson named their band Speckled Bird and will be landing at one of the country’s premier music festivals on March 15.

Speckled Bird is set to be a part of South By Southwest in Austin, Texas, where they will share stages with artists from all over the globe. South By Southwest has been influential in propelling the careers of many modern sensations including James Blunt, John Mayer, Amy Winehouse and HAIM.

Speckled Bird released a self-titled EP, their first, on Florence’s Single Lock Records in May 2020. Less than two years later, they find themselves poised to take a giant step forward in their musical journey. While Speckled Bird the collective is relatively new, each member has several years’ experience in multiple aspects of the music business. Studio engineer, producer and record label partner are all titles that multiple members of the band have held, and as musicians, they have played with some of the area’s top acts. The records and performances of Alabama Shakes, John Paul White, Cedric Burnside and Belle Adair have featured members of Speckled Bird.

Is their sound retro or modern? That is debatable and probably depends on your frame of reference. One thing that is not up for debate is that their sound is definitely from The Shoals. The area’s rich history seems to surface in the music of anyone that picks up an instrument within 20 miles of the Singing River’s wind. Speckled Bird will be taking that sound, and the Shoals, all the way to South By Southwest.

Find out more about the band at speckledbird.net.

Matt Hankins/256 Today


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