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Habitat for Humanity of the River Valley coming to Jackson County

SCOTTSBORO — Symbolizing the unity and shared vision between the organizations, Habitat for Humanity of the River Valley is merging with Jackson County Habitat for Humanity.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony is planned for 10 a.m. today at the Jackson County Courthouse Gazebo in Scottsboro to mark the occasion, which the organizations say is “a new chapter of collaboration and enhanced opportunities to further our mission in Jackson County.”

“Our immediate priority in the coming months is to cultivate meaningful relationships with the community,” said Jeremy Foulks, executive director of Habitat for Humanity of the River Valley. “Habitat operates as a ministry of partnership, uniting individuals in service to our neighbors in need. Establishing connections with our new neighbors is essential for us to effectively serve families in Jackson County.

“I am pleased to report that we have already started seeing significant steps in this regard and have received nothing but positive support from the community thus far.”

Highlighting the urgent need for safe and sustainable housing solutions in Jackson County, Tony Grantham, president of Habitat for Humanity of Jackson County, underscored the critical role that Habitat plays in addressing this pressing need.

“Habitat’s capacity to assist families in need aligns closely with the urgent demand in Jackson County,” Grantham said. “By addressing fundraising challenges and overseeing home construction initiatives, our alliance with Habitat for Humanity of the River Valley ensures that the most vulnerable members of our community continue to receive vital support.”

Foulks said the wealth of experience and expertise that Habitat for Humanity of the River Valley brings to the table helps maximize its impact in the community.

“Operating a non-profit organization requires extensive dedication in today’s landscape,” he said. “Our team is prepared to pursue grant opportunities, foster relationships with local churches, businesses, and government entities, all in service to the individuals in need in Jackson County.

“We eagerly anticipate welcoming members of the Jackson County community to join us, as their insight will be invaluable in nurturing this collaborative partnership.”

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