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Have you Chucked-a-Puck at a Huntsville Havoc hockey game?

Chuck-a-Puck is just one of the many popular activities that fans can participate in while watching Huntsville Havoc hockey. During the game, typically the break between the second and third period, fans hurl foam pucks from the stands onto the ice in attempt to hit a poster board-sized target for prizes or the really ambitious go for the grand prize – landing a puck in a small bucket at center ice for a cash jackpot.

As you can see, it can get pretty messy! With a good chuck and a bit of luck, fans can win a number of prizes. The prizes depend on where your puck lands. If it lands on a sponsored mat, then you win a gift card to that business. For example, the sponsors for this game include Hops N Guac. But the big money is in that bucket! If you’ve got the arm and the accuracy, then there’s some cash in it for you. The puck that lands closest to the bucket will win $100. If you manage to drop it in the bucket, you can walk away with $250.

Chuck-a-Puck/256 Today

You can throw your pucks from wherever you are in the arena, but if you’re looking for tips, I can help there, too.

I was told by a puck-chucking pro with a decade of experience that the best place to throw your puck is from the third level at center ice. If you know, you know. As far as technique, some swear by the baseball throw. Others prefer a frisbee-style toss. Either way works fine.

The pucks are available for purchase after entering the arena. You can get five pucks for $5 or 25 pucks for $20. Be sure to snag your pucks on the way in because they sell out fast.

Chuck-a-Puck/256 Today

Chuck-a-Puck is just one of the activities to enjoy on a fun-filled hockey night. Huntsville Havoc hockey frequently features theme nights with everything from Star Wars to wiener dog races on ice. While the theme nights vary, Chuck-a-Puck is a common staple. If you attend a game, you will always have an opportunity to chuck a puck. And remember, if you bring the kids, meeting Havoc mascots Chaos and Rukus is a must!

Ruckus and Antonio/256 Today

Most important of all, the Havoc are winners! The Havoc just broke the record for most wins in franchise history!

You can attend any Havoc home game at Propst Arena in the Von Braun Center located in Downtown Huntsville. It’s an affordable family night, with tickets ranging from $12-$35.

Your next chance to catch a Havoc game will be a pair of home games this Friday and Saturday, March 18 and 19, with the puck dropping at 7 PM.

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