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Hexagon AI capabilities improve response time in emergencies

HUNTSVILLE – Every second counts in responding to emergencies. And now, Hexagon has added artificial intelligence to help lessen response time through real-time alerts.

Hexagon’s Huntsville-based Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division has added AI capabilities to its HxGN Connect solution. This will enable the collaboration platform to mine incoming operational data and alert users to unfolding situations in real time.

“Some organizations operate in silos, without access to data or the ability to act on it,” said Kalyn Sims, chief technology officer for Safety & Security at Hexagon’s SIG division. “Others are overwhelmed with data from IoT devices, operational systems, social media and more.

“HxGN Connect with assistive AI solves both problems. It breaks down silos within departments and across jurisdictions, and it mines data in real-time to deliver insights. The result is quicker and better responses to incidents and emergencies.”

Hosted in Microsoft Azure, HxGN Connect, with its embedded assistive AI capabilities, analyzes data from sources such as incidents, cameras, and alarms. It then issues notifications and alerts based on trends and deviations.

Having access to diverse information and intelligence in real-time enables police, emergency management, transportation and other organizations to evaluate a situation and deploy resources faster, while continuing to coordinate and respond as situations change.

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