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HudsonAlpha welcomes Polaris Sensor Technologies, Madison Core Laboratories

HUNTSVILLE – Two more companies, including a Madison-based company, have joined the  HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology campus.

Madison Core Laboratories Polaris Sensor Technologies are the latest at the 152-acre facility in Cummings Research Park. There are more than 50 companies at HudsonAlpha.

Madison Core Laboratories is developing diagnostic tests for neuroscience, oncology and women’s health. The company serves health-care providers, long-term facilities, homebound patients, addiction clinics. Madison Core also provides industrial and corporate testing needs.

Polaris Sensor Technologies is developing a self-dispersing dry mist to disinfect and sterilize medical facilities and military equipment, including equipment with integrated optics and electronics.

A similar chemical formulation has potential for agricultural use, and the team wants to develop methods to envelop plants with organic pesticides, according to a news release.

“All of us welcome Polaris and Madison Core Labs to the HudsonAlpha campus,” said Carter Wells, vice president for Economic Development at HudsonAlpha.  “We look forward to working together, integrating their teams into the HudsonAlpha ecosystem.”

Dr. Carlo Crespo, CEO of Madison Core Laboratories, said his company is excited to be joining HudsonAlpha as an associate.

“We find tremendous value and synergy with the mission of HudsonAlpha and look forward to collaboration opportunities as we continually strive to provide the best advanced diagnostic care for our community and beyond,” said Crespo.

HudsonAlpha fosters life sciences entrepreneurship and encourages the creation of a genomics-literate society within Cummings Research Park.

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