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HudsonAlpha’s Transomic Technologies receives $375K investment

HUNTSVILLE – Transomic Technologies, a biotechnology company specializing in genomics, received a $375,000 investment from Imunon, a clinical-stage company focused on DNA-based immunotherapy and next-generation vaccines.

As a condition of the investment, Imunon Executive Chairman Michael H. Tardugno will join the Transomic board of directors.

Transomic Technologies, based in the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, offers a comprehensive array of next generation genomic modulation tools for life science research and the development of next-generation therapeutics.

The investment, along with senior convertible notes and warrants, strengthens development capabilities for Imunon’s Placcine DNA vaccine platform.

“We are pleased to collaborate with the team at Imunon in their pursuit of next-generation vaccines,” said Blake Simmons, CEO of Transomic Technologies. “Their Placcine DNA vaccine program is very promising, and we are hopeful that our services will help to unlock its potential.

“We look forward to continued participation in Imunon’s research and development efforts and welcome our deepening partnership.”

Imunon has partnered with Transomic for services as part of its DNA vaccine program.

“Given our continued progress with the Placcine DNA vaccine development program, we have made the strategic decision to continue to support Transomic Technologies with this investment,” said Corinne Le Goff, Imunon’s president and CEO. “We have been utilizing Transomic’s custom vector construction and design services, and we are very pleased with the strength and flexibility of their platform.

“Transomic’s custom vector construction technology enables us to swiftly construct vaccines against newer variants in weeks, providing an important medical and commercial advantage.”

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