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Huntsville-based Summit 7 named 2022 Microsoft US Compliance Partner of the Year

Industry-leading security and compliance provider Summit 7 Systems has been recognized as the 2022 Microsoft US (MSUS) Compliance Partner of the Year.

According to a release, the award recognizes partners that have extensively utilized Microsoft’s Compliance product portfolio, which leads to the formulation of solutions that enable long-term customer success.

Summit 7, which supports the operations of more than 600 U.S. Department of Defense contractors, was selected from a competitive list of Microsoft Partners for its security and compliance solutions and services focused on the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC).

The cybersecurity regulations affect aerospace and defense organizations as well as higher-level academic institutions in the defense industrial base and require third-party assessments of their respective information systems.

In a statement, Summit 7 CEO Scott Edwards asserted that the company would continue its efforts to be the industry’s “first line of defense” in compliance and security.

“We are extremely excited to receive this award in recognition of our extensive work with the Microsoft Government Cloud platforms and our specific focus on critical infrastructures,” expressed Edwards in a release. “We understand that compliance is a key focus area for Microsoft, and we will continue to strive to be known as the first line of defense for the Defense Industrial Base.”

Summit 7 developed its portfolio of CMMC Compliance Solutions by mapping the security practices and regulatory controls to the Microsoft 365 GCC High and Azure Government cloud platforms, the company advised.

Utilizing the M365 E3/E5 Security Suite and Azure Government infrastructure, Summit 7 has expanded its portfolio of services and solutions to become the leading provider for Microsoft’s Agreement for Online Services-Government (AOS-G) licensing program.

Summit 7 chief technology officer Ben Curry touched on the industry leader’s work toward implementing solutions that support the American warfighter.

“The Summit 7 team has always led the way by developing solutions that protect our customers and their sensitive data, and ultimately the United States Warfighter,” proclaimed Curry. “To be recognized as the US Compliance Partner of The Year displays the fact that our team has worked extremely hard to provide an industry-leading portfolio built on Microsoft’s Government Cloud.”

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