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Huntsville City Schools implementing weapon detection systems

HUNTSVILLE — Huntsville City Schools will be rolling out Evolv Technology, an advanced weapons detection screening system, as an added layer of campus security to protect students and staff members.

Huntsville is among the first, if not the first, school district in Alabama to implement this technology.

The move also comes in the wake of three incidents in the past two weeks with students bringing weapons into schools.

Anyone entering a Huntsville school facility may be subject to weapon detection. Systems will be rotated among locations across the district. The school system has been deploying the systems at schools and athletic events including the Huntsville City Classic basketball tournament in December.

“We want students, staff members, and families to come to our campuses with peace of mind in order to focus on our core business of teaching and learning,” said schools Superintendent Christie Finley.

The systems will be managed by members of the school system’s security team. While many traditional metal detectors require each person to be screened individually, the Evolv systems enable a more efficient screening process.

The same weapon detection systems have been implemented at stadiums and event venues across the country.

“Much like how we are used to security protocols at airports, concerts, and sporting events, we are taking the same approach in our schools,” Finley said. “We ask families for their support in this effort as the most effective weapon detection occurs before students ever set foot on campus.”

The school system is asking families to check backpacks before students leave for school every day to ensure they do not have any items that could present potential safety risks.

Students who attempt to bring weapons to school will face the highest levels of disciplinary action including expulsion.

“We are grateful for the encouragement we have received from students, families, staff members, and the community about this announcement.” Finley said. “We all share the same goal in keeping everyone safe at school.”

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