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Huntsville Hospital Wellness centers: The New Year’s resolution that won’t fail in 2023

While the richness of the holidays is often blamed for putting on additional weight, it is more likely your calorie intake and exercise regime began to slip back during summer vacation and has only peaked with the holidays.

We are halfway through the holiday season and many people are already plotting their New Year’s resolution to join a gym, restart an exercise plan, and lose those extra pounds in 2023.

Huntsville Hospital Wellness centers have a better strategy for 2023, and it will not tie you down to a long-term gym contract for which you still have to pay, long after you have either dropped the weight you wanted to lose, or the many other reasons throughout the year that prevent you from going.

Our wellness centers do not have long-term contracts. You pay a monthly fee of $49 on the months you use our state-of-the art facilities, so if you travel out of town or choose to take a break in your routine after reaching your goals, you do not have to pay for something you cannot or are not using.

Better yet, you can add on a spouse or a child (age 12-25) for just $15 per person, again, during the months you use it.

But weight control is rarely just a matter of riding the gaining and losing rollercoaster.

Huntsville Hospital Wellness centers help you rebuild a lifestyle of healthy living. We offer many services your average gym does not like a 75-foot heated swimming pool, a whirlpool, steam room and dry sauna.

We also have machines that help focus not on physically bulking up, but on your cardiovascular health. We have light strength training for people recovering from an illness, injury or surgery. And we have yoga, Zumba, and lighter workouts like water aerobics that also build stamina.

It does not matter what shape you are in or your level of fitness when you come in because we offer hands-on coaching, nutritional counseling, help with eating disorders, and advice on how to reach your goals.

So, before you plot a losing strategy for riding that weight gain/loss rollercoaster into 2023, get well and stay well at any of Huntsville Hospital’s three Wellness centers located in the Medical Mall at the corner of Governors Drive and Memorial Pkwy.; in Jones Valley at 1345 Four Mile Post Road; and at Madison Hospital at 8391 U.S. Hwy. 72 West in Madison.

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