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Huntsville Utilities: Why your electric bill may be higher, even when you did nothing different

Huntsville Utilities wants to help customers control their energy usage and costs.

HUTV has been making helpful videos for customers for three seasons and its most recent episode is entitled, “Why is my bill so high? I didn’t do anything different!”

Hosts Todd and Amanda dive into weather trends and Tennessee Valley Fuel Cost Adjustments to answer this frequently asked question. They also provide tips on how to reduce electric consumption and lower bills.

Watch the video below and/or keep reading for more information.

Huntsville Utilities reports, “Due to worldwide events and supply chain issues, the monthly fuel cost adjustment passed down to local power companies by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has increased.

“These fuel costs are the price TVA pays for natural gas, coal, and other power purchases needed to generate electricity across the Tennessee Valley.”

In a recent press release, the utility said, “The monthly fuel cost is a component of Huntsville Utilities’ per kilowatt hour charge for residential and commercial electricity. While the monthly fuel cost does vary month to month, the variance is usually just a few tenths of a cent. Prior to recent events, that rate typically moved between 1.5 to 2.5 cents per kWh (kilowatt hour). However, in June, the fuel cost increased to 2.715 cents. In July, it increased to 3.829 cents.”

In the meantime, TVA is forecasting a fuel cost adjustment of 4.612 cents.

While an increase of three cents over three months may not sound like much, it can add up quickly, especially for customers who use large amounts of electricity.

Additionally, with a record hot July and increasing average fall temperatures, Todd says “nothing impacts energy use more than the outside air temperature.”

So, what are customers to do?

Todd shares tips in the video stating, “the answer to your questions is that your bill is higher because you didn’t do anything different.” Huntsville Utilities suggests the following on its news site:

  1. Update your account to use the Electricity Consumption Tracker
  2. Track your energy usage with a Smart thermostat
  3. Save energy in the kitchen
  4. Schedule a home energy inspection for a customized solution

Customers can call the Customer Information Center at 256-535-1200 or visit https://www.hsvutil.org/newslist.php for tips on saving energy and lowering the electric utility bill.

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