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Huntsville’s vegan chef to compete at World Food Championships

HUNTSVILLE — The Chikn Pesto Alfredo Crunch Wrap makes your mouth water.

The Veggie’s Chikn Pesto Alfredo Crunch Wrap. (Photo/The Veggie)

Remember the fresh, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, kale pesto, and cauliflower alfredo sauce packed into one bite with the soy chicken substitute? This vegan crunch wrap sold out within days of its debut back in the spring.

It was created by The Veggie owner and head chef Adrye Mason. She won the most votes
during Huntsville Restaurant Week in August and the Golden Ticket to gain more exposure on an even bigger stage – the World Food Championships in Dallas.

Chopped Frank is the chef’s take on a traditional hot dog with a chopped medley of vegan franks, tri-color peppers and onions, tomatoes, and pickles seared on our flat top, stuffed in a warm bun, and slathered with a house made spiced mustard. (Photo/The Veggie)

For the first time in its 10-year history, the World Food Championships opened a vegetarian category. With that Golden Ticket, the chef will take on 22 vegetarian competitors next month.

“To prepare, I’m staying true to the type of food that I do as it will be my goal to actually win with vegan, not vegetarian food,” said Mason. “If I can go and bring a win home, this would be a tremendous accomplishment.”

Unfortunately, her Chikn Pesto Alfredo Crunch Wrap won’t be served. But Huntsville residents can get a sense of Mason’s motivation for the competition.

“I am passionate about exposing people to vegan food in a familiar way that helps them try something new,” said Mason. The Veggie is at Huntsville’s Lowe Mill.

When Mason entered her 20s, she had multiple medical conditions such as severe digestive issues, high cholesterol, and joint pain.

The Smoky Impossible Bowl is one of the Veggie’s most popular dishes. (Photo/The Veggie)

She said, “I knew I had to do something different” and gave up meat entirely in two year’s time. “Many of my problems were gone or vastly improved, and I had more energy and stamina than ever before.”

She said about 35% of her customer base eats meat regularly.

“I hope that my type of food encourages people to eat healthy and to have a better quality of life,” said Mason. “I’m digging into that old bag of tricks to revive some innovative concepts that I believe will wow [everyone].”

Huntsville will be rooting for The Veggie – no pun intended – at the World Food Championships on Nov. 9. The Veggie is looking for sponsors to help support the team and gain visibility across 12 cable networks. If interested, email to [email protected].

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