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KBR’s work to update Black Hawk fleet to be performed in Huntsville

HOUSTON — KBR has been awarded a $156.7 million task order to support capabilities assessment and enhancements for the Army’s Utility Helicopter 60 Variant Fleet, providing technologically superior and cost-effective helicopters for U.S. and allied forces.

The work is expected to take place over five years at KBR and partner facilities in Huntsville.

Under the terms of the contract with Program Executive Office Aviation, Utility Helicopter Project Office, KBR and key teammate Northrop Grumman Corporation will develop recommendations and technical solutions for the UHPO and its international partners to increase availability, improve reliability, and reduce the support costs for the UH-60V.

“KBR is excited to support PEO aviation as they advance Black Hawk technology to better support the U.S. military with this critical asset,” said Stuart Bradie, president and CEO of KBR. “KBR and Northrop Grumman bring the experience and expertise to deliver solutions to maintain Army aviation technological superiority and reduce costs.”

According to the Army, the UH-60V helicopter, known as the Victor, was developed to overhaul the aging UH-60A and L fleets.

Planned upgrades and improvements encompass the avionics architecture, flight controls, fuel system, electrical system, airframe, drive train, and a newly developed rotor system.

KBR has been supporting PEO Aviation and UHPO since 1988.

Northrop Grumman provides the Integrated Avionics Suite for the UH-60V to replace the analog gauges in UH-60L. This modernizes the UH-60L Black Hawks with a glass cockpit, including an integrated computational system, visual display system and control display units.

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