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Lighthouse Research & Advisory livestreaming HR Tech Awards

HUNTSVILLE — Lighthouse Research & Advisory will announce the winners of this year’s HR Tech Awards program Wednesday. The livestream announcement is on LinkedIn at 11 a.m.

This initiative, powered by the Huntsville-based research firm, provides peer-reviewed feedback and inputs on technologies purpose-built to serve employers and the workforce.

The program has a rigorous judging component with a panel of independent practitioners, consultants, and educators.

“Our judges strive to select technology solutions that have a real, measurable impact on employers,” said Lighthouse Research & Advisory Chief Research Officer Ben Eubanks. “It’s such a pleasure to be able to congratulate the winners of this year’s program — they represent some of the very best that the industry has to offer.”

In Wednesday’s livestream announcement, the award winners will be celebrated with comments on why each company was selected.

The categories include talent acquisition, employee experience and talent analytics and within those categories, firms can receive honors for a variety of specialized options, including Best Comprehensive Solution for Enterprise, Best Analytics and Business Impact Solution and Best DEI-Enabling Solution.

“In addition to examining the actual technology through a demo, we look at the company behind the solution, a client case study, and other relevant details to fully understand what each firm offers,” said George Rogers, chief culture officer at Lighthouse. “It’s incredible to see the amazing value that employers can get from the right HR technology partner.”

Each of the tools helps employers hire, develop, and retain their people.

According to Lighthouse Research & Advisory data, there are more than 5,000 HR technology providers with startups and innovators entering the industry every day.

The HR Tech Awards recognize approximately 1% of firms for creating solutions to problems affecting their customers. The program is to help HR technology buyers and employers understand some of the best companies in the industry for their technology selection needs.

Following the livestream, a full list of winning firms can be found here.

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