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Madison Core Laboratories completes first phase of Huntsville lab expansion

MADISON — Madison Core Laboratories, recently recognized by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the Southeast, has completed the expansion of its clinical laboratory in Huntsville.

Phase I of the expansion involves integrating core laboratory services that were being performed in the Madison facility with the Huntsville location at 2705 Artie Street. The services include chemistry, hematology, coagulation and urinalysis testing.

“This expansion increases our laboratory space by approximately 50 percent and will allow MCL to enhance its comprehensive diagnostic testing product lines and launch additional innovative services to better the lives of the patients we serve,” said CEO Dr. Carlo Crespo.

MCL said the integration will help it achieve greater efficiencies and provide its clients and patients with expanded high-quality testing with faster turnaround times.

The expanded laboratory footprint allowed for the immediate addition of several new instrumentation systems. Further automated instrumentation platforms will be added in the coming months.

Phase I also provides a larger area for specimen receipt, accessioning and processing, and more space to support the growth of the on-site phlebotomy services.

“Having our core laboratory team under the same roof as our molecular, microbiology, and toxicology teams will also provide a better work environment for our employees that supports greater communication, increased team collaboration, and opportunities for cross training, and sharing collective intelligence,” said Crespo. “An added benefit is that our mobile phlebotomy team and courier services will now have a single specimen drop off site instead of multiple locations.

“Increasing the capacities of our laboratory not only supports our geographic market expansion and testing services growth but with the expanded laboratory facility, MCL is positioned to participate in additional research and development opportunities as we will have research space and are near the Cummings Research Park.”

Phase II of the expansion involves the addition of administrative offices and a streamlined laboratory storage system. That phase should be finalized by mid- to late summer.

MCL started patient testing in January 2016 in Madison to provide the laboratory needs of the elderly and long-term care patients.

In 2018, MCL acquired a pharmacogenomics lab in Huntsville to expand its lab test menu, and pivoted to comprehensive pathogen detection using state-of-the-art molecular technologies.


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