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Madison Police Citizens Advisory Committee accepting applications

MADISON — The Madison Police Citizens Advisory Committee is taking applications  to serve on the panel.

The committee strives to promote dialogue between the police department and the community at large.

Monthly meetings cover educational topics on public safety and advocate for positive relationships between local law enforcement and those they serve.

Community members are encouraged to attend the MPCAC public meetings.

The MPCAC functions as the community conduit for citizens and the Madison Police Department. The committee, made up of nine appointed members, is selected by each City Council member for their respective district along with seats appointed by Mayor Finley and the Johnny Gandy, Madison Chief of Police.

Applicants must be Madison residents and qualified electors, must pass a criminal background check, and may not be city employees, elected officials or family members of either.

Places for Districts 2, 4, 6 and the mayor’s appointment will expire soon; there is a vacancy for Discrict 7. Once appointed, the seats will expire in 2025.

Click here to apply.

Application submission deadline closes April 12.

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