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MVP, Madison proclaim April ‘National Volunteer Month’

MADISON – Saluting the “best of the community,” Madison Visionary Partners honored its volunteers during Monday’s Madison City Council meeting.

The City of Madison also issued a proclamation recognizing April as “National Volunteer Month.”

“Volunteers have been the driving force behind our city’s success,” said MVP Executive Director Melanie Thornton. “We commend them not only for their impactful working within Madison, but also for their contribution to making our city a great place to live, work and play.” 

National Volunteer Month is celebrated every April to highlight the importance of volunteerism, encourage involvement, and thank volunteers.

“Volunteers represent the best of our community through their selfless service,” Thornton said. “Organizations like the Madison Street Festival, the Madison Arts Alliance, the Madison Library, New Leash on Life and the Madison Community Orchestra, to name only a few, enrich our city by building engagement and fostering a sense of belonging.”

The Madison Street Festival is the city’s largest event with more than 40,000 people attending the first week in October.

“The Madison Street Festival would not be possible without our dedicated group of individuals who generously donate their time to our organization,” said Festival President Crystal McBrayer. “As we celebrate Volunteer Month in April, it’s the perfect time to acknowledge the countless volunteers who pour their talents, time, passion, and dedication into making this celebration a reality year after year.”

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