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New documentary: Betty Wilson wrongly convicted in death of husband, Dr. Jack Wilson

UPDATED 2:12 p.m.

HUNTSVILLE — A new documentary claims Betty Wilson was wrongly convicted for the murder of her husband, Huntsville Dr. Jack Wilson 30 years ago.

Finding Betty” is a four-year “passion” project by Jean Adam Jr., an independent African American filmmaker. The film argues Betty Wilson was wrongly convicted of murder conspiracy involving the death of her husband in May 1992. The 80-minute documentary calls for Wilson to be set free and has a step-by-step examination of what it calls holes in the prosecution’s case.

U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks was district attorney and prosecuted the conviction of James White. However, Brooks lost to Tim Morgan in the 1992 election in November and he did not participate in Wilson’s trial. The case went to Morgan, however, he recused himself because he was friends of Wilson’s family.

Late Limestone County District Attorney Jimmy Fry was named the lead prosecutor.

The murder-for-hire case relied on White, who claimed Wilson hired him to kill her husband. The documentary however, points to White’s recanting of his testimony years later. White was a handyman at the elementary school where Betty Wilson’s twin sister Peggy Lowe taught.

Lowe was also charged with murder conspiracy in the case but was acquitted in a separate trial. Adam claims substantial evidence presented in Lowe’s case showcased Wilson’s claim of innocence and helped lead to Lowe’s acquittal, but was not presented in her twin’s trial.

“I have made this film my life’s mission because it calls into question the integrity of the justice system, itself,” said Adam. “I won’t give up until justice is done.

“We must show compassion for those suffering from injustice and create more awareness of injustice to prevent such unfairness from ever happening again.”

In the documentary, Wilson is interviewed about the case.

Adam contends the Alabama jury was unduly influenced by the revelation Betty Wilson, a white woman, had a sexual affair with a black man nearly 30 years ago. He explores the racial overtones in the trial.

“This was a passion project, and I can see it reflected in the outcome,” said actor/film editor Jolon Franklin.

The documentary presents graphic photos of the crime scene and makes use of re-creations to enhance the understanding of the trial. Adam said he hopes the movie will be a driving force for Wilson’s acquittal.

“Finding Betty” is available on YouTube TV, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime Video.

See the trailer here:

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