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Oregon company partners with NTS to build test chamber at Huntsville facility

HUNTSVILLE — NuScale Power has signed an agreement with National Technical Systems to develop the world’s highest capability Loss-Of-Coolant Accident Chamber.

The Equipment Qualification Test Chamber will bring carbon-free nuclear technology to market safely and efficiently. The chamber will be designed to test at a temperature of 700°F and pressure of 1,400 psi. When completed, it will be the world’s first LOCA chamber capable of testing at this pressure.

“NTS is honored that NuScale chose NTS in partnership to shape the future of the nuclear energy industry,” said Brad Ferguson, NTS’s director of Strategic Development, Nuclear Division. “We look forward to strengthening the industry alongside NuScale as we push the bounds of technology together.”

NTS is a test, inspection, and certification company with more than 40 years experience. NTS acquired the Wyle Laboratories’ test labs in 2014.

“This collaboration agreement marks yet another milestone in our company’s progress towards global deployment of our leading SMR technology,” said Scott Bailey, vice president, Supply Chain at NuScale. “With NTS’s expertise in nuclear-related testing and engineering, along with NuScale’s innovative design, the two companies will demonstrate compliance with all industry requirements during equipment qualification.”

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