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Our Town Podcast: Brent Yonk of the FBI


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Brent Yonk is an assistant section chief for the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division’s Technology and Data Innovation Section. He oversees a large technical and analytical workforce and a contract portfolio of more than $120 million to develop novel technology solutions supporting international and domestic terrorism investigations and other critical incidents around the world.

Prior to his current role, Brent served as the FBI’s In-Q-Tel Interface Center director leading the bureau’s commercial scouting, testing and evaluation of emerging technologies. He was also program manager for Enterprise IT Infrastructure Modernization helping to set the strategic direction for a technology backbone. This led to the investment of more than $250 million in upgrades and improvements across the FBI’s IT footprint. 

Brent spent nearly 10 years working in the private sector with several Fortune 500 companies in organizational change management and workforce development. Enjoy this two-part episode!

Watch (YT): https://bit.ly/3HJWfe9 

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