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Our Town Podcast: Toni Eberhart – co-founder Urban Engine, co-chair Launch 2035

256 Today is proud to present the Our Town Podcast. Check here every week for the latest episode from Troy Bye, North Alabama’s newest favorite son.

The Our Town Podcast showcases all that is good in North Alabama. Each week guests are invited from business, sports, entertainment, education, the arts, and so much more to discuss all aspects of living and working in The 256.

One of the Our Town Podcast’s  most requested guests is this week’s guest, Toni Eberhart.  Toni and her family relocated to Huntsville in 2013 and, like so many others, have no plans to live anywhere else. 
Toni walks us through her journey of growing up in Pennsylvania, meeting her husband Chad in high school, going to school in Philly, and then starting her career in Baltimore.  But she wanted to be with Chad, who had moved to Huntsville.  
Just as Toni poured all of her efforts to get to Huntsville, she has also put a lot of time and attention to nonprofits such as Urban Engine and Launch 2035 – to name just a couple.  She currently works for Booz Allen Hamilton and loves the work she is doing for NASA. 
However, as much as she loves to be involved with her work and her community her family comes first. Toni talks about the pain that has come to her after losing both her parents in the past six years but also the joy that remains in her relationship with her sisters. 
In addition to her success as a hip-hop artist and snowboarder, Toni’s niece Miranda will be on tour as the emcee of the Harlem Globetrotters in 2023.
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