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Our Town Podcast: Tony “Maddog” Maggert, chef, entrepreneur, veteran


256 Today is proud to present the Our Town Podcast. Check here every week for the latest episode from Troy Bye, North Alabama’s newest favorite son.

The Our Town Podcast showcases all that is good in North Alabama. Each week, guests are invited from business, sports, entertainment, education, the arts, and so much more to discuss all aspects of living and working in The 256.

Each of us has a story and each of us grew out of a circumstance. Are you ready to be inspired?

Episode 107 is up! Chef “Maddog” Anthony Maggert staked his claim to fame by changing a flat tire for former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Tony is an amputee who lost his leg in Afghanistan. His good Samaritan story went viral and Tony appeared on every news outlet around the world to share his experience.

After retiring from the military, “Maddog” pursued his passion of completing culinary school at the famed Institute of Culinary Education in New York. Tony is an entrepreneur having launched the Sausages Of Freedom brand and now opening the Korndog Cartel food truck.

Watch (YT): https://bit.ly/3HJWfe9 

Watch (Spot): https://spoti.fi/3QtpT8z 

Audio available on all platforms – just search for “Our Town Podcast”

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