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PeopleTec creates master’s degree cohort program with Auburn

HUNTSVILLE — PeopleTec has partnered with Auburn University’s Samuel Ginn College of Engineering to develop a master’s degree cohort program in engineering for its employee-owners. The cohort program offers 10 degree options, tuition discounts, and waived application fees.

This cohort program is part of PeopleTec’s continuous learning program. It is a company-funded initiative to provide technical and professional training and education opportunities to employee-owners.

“We are always looking for new ways to support our employee-owners with continued professional development and education,” said PeopleTec CEO Terry Jennings. “We are excited about this partnership with Auburn’s college of engineering, and we are confident that this cohort program will enhance the technical and professional skills our employees provide to our customers.”

There are four benefits to offering employees a continuous learning program.

Ongoing learning keeps people invested because they realize there’s still more to learn; it prevents feelings of inadequacies so people do not have to be afraid to ask for help; it promotes self-driven learning; and it helps to maintain corporate cohesion where all employees have the same opportunities and choices within the company.

The fall semester started Aug. 15 with 11 PeopleTec employee-owners enrolled. The majority of those enrolled are pursuing a master’s degree in engineering management – focusing on system engineering or production innovation. The others are studying cybersecurity, data science, or mechanical engineering.

Steve Taylor, interim dean of Auburn engineering, said PeopleTec is a valuable addition to the college’s growing list of industry partnerships.

“I look forward to welcoming PeopleTec employee-owners into the Auburn Engineering family and supporting their professional growth through our online degree programs,” Taylor said.

Andrea Lavender, PeopleTec’s HR operations manager, worked with Auburn to create a unique online program that catered to its employee base.

Executive Vice President Stan Pruett, an Auburn engineering graduate, supported Lavender in developing the cohort program. Pruett said PeopleTec wants to provide employee-owners with a realistic option to further their career while maintaining the balance between work and home.

LuAnn Carpenter, the graduate program officer for the master’s of Engineering Management Program, was involved in recruiting PeopleTec.

“We are thrilled to have this cohort partnership with PeopleTec and look forward to establishing a long-standing relationship,” she said. “This partnership will offer PeopleTec the opportunity to help their employees thrive in their careers while recruiting outstanding graduate students with industry knowledge into our graduate program.”

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