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PPT Solutions invests in Unanet for GovCon ERP and CRM

HUNTSVILLE – PPT Solutions has chosen Unanet GovCon Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management tools to help mobilize for significant growth.

After studying other ERP and CRM tools, the Huntsville-based company said Unanet is a cost-effective fit and will help them formalize their pipeline and proposal process in order to bring on additional resources that will grow business development.

PPT, a provider for Army Aviation and Department of Homeland Security customers, said it is in the process of implementing Unanet’s solution and plans to roll it out in early 2024.

“I really want to make a transition now before we get into a period of considerable growth so that the company isn’t growing at the same time as it transitions into a new accounting and contracts management system,” said CEO Jim Reeb. “I want our back office to have a more robust approach to handle a larger team.”

Approximately 37% of small businesses don’t have a formalized capture or gate process for federal proposals, according to Unanet’s recent Gauge Report that highlights the top business challenges and strategies for government contractors.

Based on survey responses from more than 1,100 GovCon customers, Unanet said it found projected and actual win rates more than doubled since last year. The result was fueled by a significant increase in win rates by firms with fewer than 100 full-time employees, Unanet said.

PPT said it has used other tools to capture time entry, payroll invoicing and contract data. But, as it began pursuing large business opportunities, a better ERP system was needed to improve and streamline processes, support their subcontractors, and reduce manual work.

After consulting with several local GovCons about solutions, PPT said it chose Unanet based on its more user-friendly interface that made manipulating data easier. It is also more customizable for their needs.

“Our peers shared that the competing system was not very intuitive and often difficult to get the type of reports or information that we would need,” said Reeb. “I heard very positive things about Unanet’s user interface and that it was easier to view data, modify it and create reports.

“Additionally, Unanet was a cost-effective solution that didn’t require more than what I budgeted.”

More than 2,000 fast-growing GovCon companies have selected Unanet GovCon ERP and CRM.

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