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Put some sizzle in your summer at Grill & Smoke BBQ Store

MADISON – Memorial Day is known as the kickoff to summer and, of course, the grilling season.

And Patrick and Sabrina Pearson timed the opening of the Grill & Smoke BBQ Store for just such summer events.

It won’t matter whether you are a cook-off legend looking for new ideas, a novice attempting your first smoked Boston butt, or a caterer preparing ribs for a large party, there are custom grills and smokers that fit your needs.

The Pearsons are also veteran grillers themselves and offer expert advice and recommendations to help grill up a feast for friends, family, co-workers or customers.

Grill and Smoke rubs and sauces (256 Today)

Located in the North Madison Corners shopping center between Lowe’s and Michaels on U.S. 72, the Grill & Smoke BBQ Store carries line of rubs and sauces and hardwood bundles – wood chips, chunks, pellets, kindling and logs – to impart special flavors and color to your food.

“We are a barbecue supply store for the barbecue and grill enthusiast,” said Pearson. “Whether you are a backyard cooker, caterer or restaurant, you can come here for the best rubs, sauces, and custom grills that will provide the best food you want to present to your family, friends or clientele.

“Our slogan is ‘Forget the rest and cook with the best.’”

Mayor Paul Finley shared the Pearsons’ vision.

“From what I understand, this is something you have been thinking about for a long time and to be in a position to do it is exciting,” he said at the ribbon-cutting. “As someone who dabbles mildly in grilling, having someone local I can come talk to, ask questions, and get help cooking whatever I want, is very encouraging.

“Also thank you for being a part of the revitalization of this shopping center where businesses of quality come in and where tax dollars go to the City of Madison and Madison City Schools.

“And our economic development team here in Madison continues to see specialty stores be successful and I am sure you will do well here.”

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