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Register for 2022 HudsonAlpha Tech Challenge Hackathon May 6-8

HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology has teamed up with Huntsville’s Urban Engine, a nonprofit specializing in innovation programs, to host the fifth HudsonAlpha Tech Challenge (HATCH). This year’s hackathon event will take place in person on the HudsonAlpha campus.

HATCH is a life sciences hackathon where participants compete to solve real-world issues faced by researchers in genomics, genetics and biotechnology. The goal of the event is to inspire creativity through collaboration and energize the current and next generation of problem-solvers to conceive and construct innovative solutions to biotech challenges.

“HudsonAlpha is excited to be back in person for HATCH,” said Carter Wells, HudsonAlpha vice president for Economic Development. “While last year’s virtual hackathon generated the largest number of participants, some from outside the U.S., having teams back on HudsonAlpha’s Biotech campus will be fantastic.

“There are so many real-world challenges within the field of genomics; HATCH highlights the real-world challenges within the field of genomics and promotes careers in biology and computer science-related areas that have a positive impact on people everywhere.”

Lacey Reinoehl, executive director of Urban Engine, said Huntsville is the perfect place to hold the event this year.

“Huntsville is a city of innovation,” she said “We want to tap into this innovation and creativity in the community to apply their wealth of knowledge to genomics and biotechnology. We are grateful to everyone who joins us each year for this incredible event.”

High school students, college students and professionals will compete for the chance to win more than $5,000 in cash and prizes. Participants do not have to be a part of a team to register.

Challenge participants must be 16 years or older and classes in advanced biology, genetics, or a biotech-related course, computer-science, software development, data analysis, or professional experience in those fields is strongly recommended as prerequisites.

Click here to register.

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