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Report: Redstone Arsenal – 143K jobs, $13.2B payroll to region

MONTGOMERY — Redstone Arsenal has been called the region’s economic engine and recent figures support that title.

According to an economic impact study funded by the Alabama Military Stability Commission, the arsenal provides 143,156 jobs with an annual $13.2 billion payroll.

The study underscored the role the defense industry plays in the state’s economy.

Compiled by the University of Alabama in Huntsville College of Business, the study showed the defense industry provides a staggering 264,780 jobs across Alabama. These jobs generated an annual payroll of $19.3 billion.

The report also showed the  total economic impact of military personnel and defense contracts across Alabama amounts to $50.3 billion, according to the report that was

“From aerospace development in the Tennessee Valley to shipbuilding in the Gulf Coast and at all points in between, the defense industry is vital to Alabama’s economy and job creation efforts,” said Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth, the commission chairman. “The numbers in this report make the irrefutable case that Alabama must preserve and expand the defense infrastructure already located here while also attracting new companies and assets, as well.”

A more detailed look at the report reveals that 96,340 jobs in Alabama are held by active duty military personnel and 168,439 are filled by Department of Defense contractors.

When divided into regions with heavy military influence, the defense-related jobs are divided as follows:

  • Redstone Arsenal Region — 143,156 jobs ($13.2 billion payroll)
  • Fort Rucker Region — 28,865 jobs ($2.7 billion payroll)
  • Maxwell/Gunter Region — 26,706 jobs ($1.9 billion payroll)
  • Coastal Region — 21,331 jobs ($1.02 billion payroll)
  • Anniston Region — 13,102 jobs ($1 billion payroll)
  • Birmingham Region — 2,583 jobs ($146 million payroll)
  • Dallas County Region — 559 jobs ($15 million payroll)
  • Marion County Region — 22 jobs ($1 million)

The Alabama Military Stability Commission was created through state statute in 2011 and is comprised of elected officials, cabinet members, and regional appointees from areas of Alabama with a heavy defense concentration.

The panel is tasked with recommending and implementing the steps necessary to protect and promote, the federal military presence across the state.

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