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Report: Space Command to stay in Colorado

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden has decided to keep Space Command in Colorado, overturning former President Donald Trump’s decision to move it to Redstone Arsenal, the Associated Press reported.

U.S. Rep. Dale Strong has come out strong against the decision.

“It is clear to anyone who has looked at the facts: Huntsville, Alabama is the best place for U.S. Space Command Headquarters,” said Strong (R-Huntsville), a member of the House Armed Services Committee. “Repeated investigations and objective reviews have proven that to be the case.  

“It is shameful that the Biden Administration is ignoring what is best for our nation’s security and is instead using their woke agenda to make this decision.”

Reportedly, SPACECOM Commander Gen. James Dickinson convinced Biden not to move to Redstone from Colorado because that would jeopardize military readiness.

However, a statement from the Huntsville-Madison County Chamber contradicted the reported reason.

“Suggestions that the Services of our military cannot rapidly, affordably, and efficiently execute major mission relocations without adversely impacting mission effectiveness is incorrect,” the statement read. “The BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure) consolidations at Redstone in the 1990s and 2000s gave the Services significant experience in moving
activities efficiently and without adverse impact on mission capability during relocations.

“The successful wartime relocation of the four-star Army Materiel Command demonstrates the ability of the Tennessee Valley community to effectively support the DOD in achieving its objectives without compromising its mission.”

Strong said he will call for an explanation of the decision.

“… the administration has refused to answer questions brought forth by the House Armed Services Committee’s investigation of their actions in this process,” Strong said. “If they think this will go away … they are wrong.

“I will ensure they have to explain their actions and answer our questions on the record.”

Sen. Katie Britt joined the chorus in condemning the action by the White House.

“President Biden has irresponsibly decided to yank a military decision out of the Air Force’s hands in the name of partisan politics,” said Britt (R-Montgomery). “Huntsville finished first in both the Air Force’s Evaluation Phase and Selection Phase, leaving no doubt that the Air Force’s decision to choose Redstone as the preferred basing location was correct purely on the merits. That decision should have remained in the Air Force’s purview.

“Instead, President Biden is now trying to hand the Gold Medal to the fifth-place finisher.”

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