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Secretary of State warns Alabamians of misleading election mailer

MONTGOMERY — Secretary of State Wes Allen is warning Alabama citizens of a misleading, unsolicited mass mailing of pre-filled voter registration forms targeting Alabama mailboxes.

The mailer is not affiliated with the State of Alabama and has, in fact, been officially discouraged by Allen’s office.

The Voter Participation Center and Center for Voter Information, the two groups operating the mass mailing, appear to be run by the same organization. They have communicated their intent to send at least two mass mailings of pre-filled voter registration forms to Alabama citizens, beginning as early as this month.

Allen submitted written objections to their efforts, due to the confusion they will create.

“On two occasions, this office was contacted on behalf of Voter Participation Center and Center for Voter Information regarding a mailer they planned to send to Alabama citizens,” Allen said. “In response, I strongly discouraged the group’s plan to mass mail our citizens. This type of targeted, partisan interference by out-of-state, third-party organizations is unnecessary, confusing, and counterproductive.”

In past election cycles, the secretary of state’s office has fielded complaints from Alabama residents who received incorrect pre-filled voter registration forms similar to the ones being mailed by the Voter Participation Center and Center for Voter Information.

“Alabama citizens can rest assured that the Alabama Secretary of State’s office and local election officials are well-equipped to handle voter registration in Alabama,” Allen said. “Trusted voter registration and election information can be found on the Secretary of State’s official website.”

Eligible Alabama citizens may register to vote online at www.AlabamaVotes.gov or mail a voter registration form to their local Board of Registrars. Visit www.sos.alabama.gov/alabama-votes/board-of-registrars-all-counties.

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