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Senator Tuberville shares how Huntsville’s education system was significant factor in U.S. Space Command HQ coming to Redstone

Ever since the U.S. Air Force announced last January that the Space Command headquarters would be moving to Huntsville from Peterson Space Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado lawmakers have been throwing everything they have at the decision.

A new argument in that fight emerged yesterday when Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) spoke at the Washington Update Luncheon at the VBC.

“I asked the Secretary of the Air Force why they gave it (Space Command) to us,” Tuberville said. “She said ‘Coach, this is not a political decision but I’m going to tell you why – at the end of the day we were told ‘Don’t go to Huntsville because their educational system is not any good in high school.'”

Tuberville said she pointed out that Space Command will be moving thousands of people to Huntsville, and you can’t get people to move unless you have good educational system.

“But then she told me, ‘We looked into it, and you’ve got better education in the Huntsville area than anywhere else in the United States,’ Tuberville shared.

“That was a feather in everybody’s hat here that lives in this area because you’re going to be able to bring on another command on Redstone Arsenal, second from the fact that number one, you deserve it and it’s the best place for missile defense, NASA, etcetera,” Tuberville continued, “but it came for one simple reason – their kids can get educated.”

Space Command has been temporarily housed at Peterson where it will remain until facilities are ready to receive them at Redstone.

Space Command has command over anything that goes into outer space whether it is Navy, Army, Air Force or Marines.

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