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Space Camp employee transferred after Space & Rocket Center investigation

HUNTSVILLEThe U.S. Space & Rocket Center said Friday it has concluded an investigation and took “necessary steps to move forward” in the wake of allegations across social media against a Space Camp employee.

“The U.S. Space & Rocket Center has concluded its investigation and taken necessary steps to move forward,” the Rocket Center said in a new release. “We approached this situation with grave concern and extreme diligence.”

Among the steps, the release said, was transferring “the employee in question” to another job at the center.

According to the release, the results of the investigation revealed:

  • There is no evidence of inappropriate behavior or malfeasance between any Space Camp staff and student campers.
  • At no time were staff present in campers’ bathrooms. Our policies and our facilities are designed to create spaces where campers may dress, shower, and use the restroom in private.
  • We have received differing accounts on whether an employee spoke to campers on subjects that are prohibited, such as disclosing personal details, religious, or political points of view. We have added a section to our camper and parent evaluations to better capture and address any potential violations quickly.
  • All other policy violations that were the subject of the investigation have been addressed as an internal personnel matter and include transferring the employee in question to another job at the center.

The Rocket Center said it adheres to all state and federal laws regulating hiring practices.

“Our camp staff undergo extensive nationwide criminal background checks which include state, county, and municipal court-level information, Department of Corrections data, state sex offender registries from across the country, and multi-panel drug tests,” the release said. “We are an apolitical organization with no social agenda.”

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